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Three to twelve year olds Children's Furniture & Montessori Equipment

  Hardwood Shelving
  Rug Holders
  Clothwashing System
  Dishwashing System
  Dressing Frames
  Handwashing Stand
  Language Materials
  Land and Water Forms
  "Writing to Perfection" Material
  Light Tables
  Tool Bench

Infant & Toddler Children's Furniture & Montessori Equipment

  Chairs & Tables
  Floor Beds
  Walking Curriculum
  Rings on Post
  Preparation for Sewing
  Preparation for Buttoning
  Clothwashing System
  Dishwashing Exercise
  Dressing Frames
  Polishing Systems
  Shelves & Display Units
  Hammering in Clay

Children's Furniture, Montessori Equipment

Children's Furniture, Montessori Equipment

Children's Furniture, Montessori Equipment


LORD Company

ATT  Richard Hundley
204 White Oak Dr,
Elizabethtown, KY  42701  
  (270) 900-0758    

Office Hours 9-5 Eastern

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Primary LIBRARY CHAIR is Back in Production.

Lord Company


Lord Company

Continental Globe
ONLY $25

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Multiple Lid Sorting Box - T-388

 Intro price $29.50    Reg Price $35.00

This small motor control exercise provides levels of difficulty in one product. 
Toddlers love to open the drawer to find, what to them, disappeared when put in the appropriate hole in the lid.

Four Chalk Board Set with Bonus Board- LE-641

 Intro price $29.50    Reg Price $39.50

  1. Blank Chalk Board
  2. Grid Chalk Board
  3. Base Line Chalk board for the body of each letter
  4. Extended Line Chalk Board for upper and lower extenders of each letter
  5. The bonus board is on the back of the Extended line board with isometric lines
    to aid the child in making three dimensional drawings of cubes and rectangular prisms.
Four Chalk Board Set Set with stand, included Backside of Extended Line board

Blank Chalk Board - LE-640-B

 Sale price $7.50    Reg Price $9.50


Infant chair and table    IT-126-T

Hand Wash Stand        PL-460

Toddler Hand Wash Stand    T-460


Cloth Wash Stand    PL-440

Toddler Cloth Wash Stand    T-440

Dish Wash Stand        PL-449


Toddler Dish Wash Stand    T-449

Hardwood nesting Table
(set of two)

Hardwood Floor Table (large)
18"x24"x13" ht.

Larger table shown in the picture.


Hardwood Floor Table (small)
13"x17"x9" ht.

Smaller table shown in the picture.

NOTE: Accessories as shown in the pictures above are now available to be shipped with your Dish Wash or Cloth Wash Stands.  Just click on "search" at the top of the page and then enter into the search box "dish" or "cloth" as needed.  Then click on the accessory picture to see a description of all that is offered with each accessory set.

Children's Furniture, Montessori Equipment children's furniture montessori equipment
Children's Furniture, Montessori Equipment Children's Furniture, Montessori Equipment
Children's Furniture, Montessori Equipment Children's Furniture, Montessori Equipment

We manufacture solid hardwood children's furniture and educational equipment designed to enhance self-help skills for infants, toddlers, pre-school and elementary-aged children. Besides tables, chairs, shelving and cubbies, we carry learning aids, manipulatives, integrated curriculum (reading and writing), and specialized children's furniture for home schools, child care, church schools, and Montessori education. Look around and find some unique products for your child's school or church. The children's furniture and equipment we provide helps your children learn.


The books are great and I feel that they will be useful in my classroom. I teach in a Montessori Classroom. I have deaf and hearing students.

—Sue Sullivan
St Rita School for the Deaf


"I received the beautiful shelves specified for 12" height and was very pleased. Please let me know when you go into production again. I much prefer yours to the others I bought. I would at least need on if not two more. Thanking you in advance."

—Tamatha Young
The Montessori Nido

"My order arrived on Friday and it is all that I expected, and more! Our 10 month old grandson fits perfectly in the chair and the table is the perfect height. Thanks so much for a good quality product at an affordable price."

—M. Crout

"I do want to tell you how much we have enjoyed the two formica top tables we ordered the last time. That is why we ordered more.  They are so easy to keep clean and are just like new after the months we have used them everyday.  I recommend your furniture to every one I know."

—Edna Smith





All Lord Co. solid hardwood products are under warranty for three years from purchase. If a furniture item breaks or fails to perform its function under normal usage in the first three months, LORD Co. will ship a replacement including shipping charges. After three months we will repair or replace as necessary but the responsibility is the customers to ship the item back to LORD Co. for action and reshipping of the repaired or replaced item to the customer. For items that are to big for shipping after assembly customers should contact LORD Co. for warranty rewards based on the time elapsed. This warranty does not cover cloth based furniture accessories. NOTE: All furniture items that are designed to be used with water should understand that drying with a cloth after usage would be considered normal.